WishSimply in short

WishSimply is a free to use Wishlist (or gift list) service. It has a nice and modern user interface that is clear and ad-free. It is fast and really simple to use (hence the “simply” in the name). All controls are visible all the time, and to top it all off, there is a Wizard that shows you where to click when you first use the service. Dead simple.
WishSimply is a unique wishlist service in the sense that it is not only free to use but it also does not exploit its users (e.g. by providing ads, selling user information, or through affiliate agreements). This is like the web services should be done, and what users would like to use in case they would have this kind of alternatives. You can use this service with light heart or recommend it with a clear conscience to anyone.
The service is developed from Finland and the servers are located in Europe. CDN network is used to make it fast for everybody around the globe.
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