Wishsimply is a free service to manage your wishlists. Be it for Christmas, birthday, wedding or any other event. For your own event, your children's or friends'. And No spam or ads! All with a clean interface and simple processes.

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Create my Wishlist

Click 'Create my wishlist' and you will instantly see the whole service
with three balloons that will walk you through it!

Why use a wishlist?

wishlist main tick Get gifts that matter most
wishlist main tick Give really wanted gifts
wishlist main tick Don't receive or give duplicates
wishlist main tick No returns
wishlist main tick No stress to you or your friends
wishlist main tick Saves everybody's time
wishlist main kid

Why WishSimply?

wishlist fallstar

Not limited to one store

Most of the others are

wishlist lock
wishlist warning

No affiliates

We are not tricking you or your friends to purchase from our affiliates

You can add anything you want

Add concrete items, immaterial things, donations, or enforce "no gifts" policy

wishlist star
wishlist key

Privacy respected

We won't give or sell your user information. You can ask others to use this service light hearted.

WishSimply is easy to use

Just few steps to make list or mark items purchased

wishlist circle tick
wishlist free

WishSimply is free

Spend your money on your loved ones

WishSimply is ad free

Whole screen is dedicate for you

wishlist heart
wishlist friendly

WishSimply grows with you

Your whole family can use it. All lists in one place

WishSimply's UI looks great

It is clear, spacious and did we say already that there is no ads

wishlist light
wishlist availability

Always available

WishSimply can be always with you, on desktop or on your mobile

Web and mobile

wishlist devices

Wishsimply is available as a web service for desktop browsers and as a separate mobile app, and they are always in sync. So you can use it at any time, on your home, workplace or on the road.

Both versions are optimized for their own platform. The desktop version allows you to utilize the whole screen area and to see more items at once. The mobile app offer simpler navigation and utilizes the camera and notifications.

How others see your wish list?

Everybody sees the wish list almost exactly the same way. This makes it easy to set it up as you can see all the time how your audience will see it. The only difference is that only list owner can edit a list and see related controls for that.

List creator
wishlist adminside look wishlist difference wishlist guestside look
Point for differences
wishlist friendside look
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