Privacy Policy

Privacy is important
Privacy is important and a fundamental right. Without privacy, there cannot be e.g. democracy. This service will always have high privacy standards and it will honor and support organizations like EFF ( that promote privacy.
We collect and store information about you securely

We collect various information about your usage of the service. All that information is requested from you openly in the site's web form, requested in the mobile app, or is result of your actions on the site. All information that we collect about you is clearly visible on the service. You can modify your personal details, notifications and invitee list at any time.

The information that we collect is stored in a replicated db that is not directly accessible from the internet. The most sensitive part of your information is stored encrypted in the db.

We store all of our data in Europe.

We do not collect unrelated information

We do not collect information that is not related to this service. We do not collect e.g. your WIFI network information like Google, nor do we read your other cookies and try to track what you do outside of this service like Facebook.

We do not collect extremely sensitive information at all

We do not collect or store your credit card numbers or bank account details, or biometric identifiers as fingerprint or retinal ids as Apple.

We use your data to improve the service for you

We use your data to improve the service to you by making it easy for you to invite your friends to this service. We use your data to show it to your friends whom you have invited to this service to help them find the correct list, see event details and contact you and each other.

We will (later) use your data to give you relevant suggestions if you choose to see them.

We use your contact information to notify you about your list events as you have specified on the service. We may also contact you regarding service-related actions, but on average you should not receive more than one contact per quarter.

We don't do bad things with your data

We don't use your contact data in your name, to invite your friends or to promote this or any other service to them like the biggest social networks are allegedly doing or aiming to do. We don't do it in our own name either. It is entirely up to you who you contact through this service and including to this service. We will not contact your contacts unless you have specifically invited them or they have separately and independently registered to this service.

We don't share or sell your information to any 3rd party

We don't give or sell your information to any 3rd party. Including, but not limited to, advertisers. If we use services of some 3rd party to improve this service or to communicate to you, we do not give them your data for their own use, but only for the specific and limited use that we have agreed with them, so that after we don't use their services anymore they won't have your data any more either.

We do not using encryption in communication, so using this service is as vulnerable to outside monitoring as regular email or web browsing. Naturally, we would also comply with law enforcement requests if we should receive one.

You stop, we stop

If you stop using this service we will not use your data further either, except for
a) notifying you and your friends about your existing events unless you have archived them,
b) notifying you about events related to this service for a year until your address is also archived,
c) unless one of your friends invites you separately back to this service. In that case, we consider your contact data to be his/her data.

If we quit, your data will be deleted

In case this company goes out of business, we will delete all your data.

It won't be sold or traded to others.

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