What is WishSimply?

WishSimply is an online and mobile Wishlist (or gift registry) that helps people to give and receive gifts that makes people happy.

Why should I use WishSimply?

If you are planning any event such as wedding, birthday, baby shower, graduation or something else there are usually gifts envolved. It is mutual benefit for gift giver and gift receiver to use this kind of service. This way you can help the stress of others of figuring out what they would give and at the same time avoid unwanted or duplicate gifts. You may use WishSimply in any occasion all year round for you or for your kids or for somebody else. It is completely free and simple to use for all ages.

How does WishSimply work?

Once you are confirmed your email address you can add products or immaterial wishes from any website through a simple copy paste prosess. If you like you can share your wishlist with your friends and family, so that they are able to reserve items purchased. If you are on the go you can browse and update your list through our free mobile app.

Does WishSimply sell products?

No. WishSimply is not a store and it doesn't sell any products nor information about its members. Now or later. WishSimply is also completely ad-free.

Is my information safe?

Yes. We are very strict about it and we are not giving that information to any third party. Not for advertizisers or any outside analytics services. You decide to who you give and share your information in this service. Read more from our privacy policy.

Can my kids use WishSimply safely?

Yes. WishSimply is completely safe to use for people of all ages. However, it is advisible to supervise young children when using websites. You can set own seperate accounts for your kids or manage their wish lists from your own account.

Can I print the list out?

Sure. Find the list what you want to print and click the small grey printer icon just above the list.

Can we make group purchase with this service?

You can discuss with other participants in the context of the wish or the list and agree to do so, but you cannot move money through this service.

Can I group with other invited person to arrange some great stuff?

Sure. Invited people are closed group and having strong common connection. Delight your host! With this service you can see every other people that is invited, and discuss with them. Perhaps you can even reach out to somebody that you don't still know so well.

Can I get this service on my language?

At the moment we are only offering this in English, Finish and Hungarian as we are familiar with those. However, you are welcome to help us to translate this to your language and we will then make it available for you. If you are interested in about this option, please go to contribution page and follow instructions from there.

Is this service free for all? And will it stay free

This is free for all individuals, and it will stay so. This service is funded by companies that will use the wish-button on their web shops. Read more in About us section.

How the service works on mobile devices?

This web service is optimized for desktop/laptop machines that have big screen. We have also dedicated mobile apps for iPhone and Android that have bit limited functionality, but even simpler process flows. Download the apps from mobile apps page. We are also working on to improve our mobile offering.

What are own suggestions and who can see it?

You can try to help your host (or yourself) and suggest something to be included to the wishlist. Your suggestion will go only to the host of the list, and he/she will need to decide if the suggestion is included to the list. If it is included then it is visible for all invited people as any other wish. There are no marks where the wish has come.

Can I make my list public?

Sure. Just switch that setting on when you create your list.

However, if the list is public then we cannot track purchases.
So you will need to choose which suits you best, publicity or tracking.

How can I send you feedback or ideas for improvement?

We are working hard to make WishSimply to the best wish list service. If you have an idea how to make WishSimply better we would love to hear from you. Please contact us by using the contact form.

I'm having problem with the website or app and can't find the answer from FAQ, who can I contact?

We are sorry if you're having any trouble with WishSimply. If you can't find answer from FAQ, please give us a chance to help you. Contact us through our contact form and we will try to return to you promptly. Every contact is stored and served with ticket number.

I haven't received email from WishSimply.

First, wait a bit, sometimes emails take longer time to come.
Have you checked your spam folder? Sometimes email filters will make wrong decisions. If this happend to you, mark it as 'no spam' and probably your email filter won't make same error twice.

If you just registered to the service and haven't got the first email.. are you sure that you typed the email address correctly. Sometimes mistakes happens. If you have still your session open, just go back to the service, and send your registration email again. If you cannot find the list anymore, you will need to make it again. But don't worry, it is easy and goes fast!

What is the point of a wish list?

Wishlists are collections of desired products saved by wishlist users to their user account, signifying interest without immediate intent to purchase. Wishes are saved for later acquiring. Either by the person herself or by somebody else that would like to gift the wisher, as one of the main points of wishlist is that it can be shared. This way letting others to know what you would like to get.

Offering wish lists is also an effective way for shops to reduce shopping cart abandonment and fulfill sales from customers who showed intent but didn't end up purchasing.

How I can share my wishlist?

In case you made your wishlist private (default), you can share your WishSimply wishlist by inviting others to see it. Click the 'invite' button on the main view, type invitation text, and add the people that you would like to share the list with. Click here to see a short video that how you can share you wishlist.

Is there a wishlist app?

Sure. WishSImply has a great wishlist app that will help you to make or manage your wishlist on your mobile device. Click the link above to get our wishlist app.

How does the wishlist work?

Wishlist works so that you add items to it. They can be products like Legos or immaterial things likehaving a picknic. (Tip! If you see something that you want/wish, you can add it easily to your wishlist by using our bookmarklet. Click here to see a short video that how to use it.)

After you have added items to the wishlist, you can return to see your list at any time. In case you want to share your wishlist to a closed group like friends and family, or make it public you can easily do so.

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